What is Guilty Feat?

First of all, Guilty Feat is a pun. It’s not a very good one and it doesn’t mean very much. If you don’t like it, I can’t promise you’ll like what’s inside any better.

Secondly, Guilty Feat is a description of the things I will write about here. Things in which I take dubious pride.

Watching every episode ever of Alias and The Wire is a guilty feat.

Storing my books in alphabetical order by author (and by chronological/series order within a single author) is a guilty feat.

Knowing all the lyrics to “Careless Whisper” is a guilty feat.


3 Responses to What is Guilty Feat?

  1. Hey ho, only just discovered your blog and it looks like you’ve given up on it! Enjoyed what I’ve been reading though, so I hope you’ll pick it up again sometime…

  2. alexei charkham says:

    Hi Daniel. Benjamin mentioned your site, so I popped onto it and have enjoyed reading it. I reckon I’ll visit it again soon.

    Not sure I agree about your defence of charedim. I work in a charedi school and find her description fairly accurate: with about 80% accuracy, you can tell Stamford Hill folk from Golders Green ones in about 20 seconds, based on their manners alone. She isn’t saying that every one of them is rude, but just a far higher proportion than your average sheigetz. Not the reason I wrote to you, but just thought I’d say it nonetheless.


    • guiltyfeat says:

      Hey Alexei, nice of you to drop in.

      I think I objected more to her general dishonesty. The unnecessary conflation of anecdotal rudeness and female genital mutilation in the same article was not an accident. She was attempting to draw a moral equivalence that is as grotesque as it is nonsensical. She jumped back and forth from Jews to Muslims in order to muddy things up as much as possible and then she slipped in her jingoistic “Britain for the British” bit at the end:

      …have, instead, a system of compulsory state secular education, in which children learn to get on with people from all religious backgrounds and none, and are taught about all religions, but also that the culture of the country they’re living in was, for 2,000 years, largely based on one.

      In other words everyone should respect everyone else as long as they respect White Christian Englishmen a little bit more. Dreadful tosh.

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