Apologies if I mention you by name or if I don’t mention you by name.

Apologies if I infringe your copyright. If you ask me to take something down, I probably will.

Apologies for putting in lots of links. There will be two kinds of links.

  1. Links that may genuinely illuminate a point that the rest of the text doesn’t get around to.
  2. Affiliate links. I’m just experimenting with these right now. If anyone ever clicks on an affiliate link and buys something, say, from Amazon, I will get a small commission. I will probably use it to buy you something to say thanks. Probably.

Apologies for anything else I may do, or have done, to upset you.



2 Responses to Apologies

  1. paul says:

    I don’t agree with your assessment of Rubicon. I’ve now watched the whole series (with my wife) and both of us have found it wonderfully intriguing and engaging – a whole lot better than “24” which got insultingly tedious – dragging out the plot a whole 5 years! At the very least Rubicon had the decency to wind up the plot inside the first season, and yet left enough to wish for a follow-up season. I liked the characters, the plot-lines, and the paranoia that lets you believe that maybe, just maybe, the gov’t does, indeed, plan nefarious acts in secrecy (big surprise), and that many of these are the result of power-hungry “patriots” who have the hubris to believe they’re acting in the “national interest.” Your review is narrow, and leaves little room for the enjoyment of the entertainment value afforded Rubicon, which I believe is richly deserved.

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