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Wolf Hall and the Man Booker Prize

In the past 41 years, 43 books have been awarded the Booker Prize, now called the Man Booker Prize. As of last night, I have read 27 of the 43 which is a pretty fair hit rate. Of the last … Continue reading

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It’s Only A Cat

I’m loving this story more than I should. It’s a terrible evil thing this woman has done. Clearly she is some kind of sociopath… and yet… every time I watch the video I chortle. You’ll find better versions of this … Continue reading

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Hey. What About Shlomo?

I appreciate this may not be everyone’s cup of cocoa. It’s an animated movie based on a little-known comic book. With zombies. It’s not even an actual movie yet. David Fincher (Se7en, Fight Club and the forthcoming remake of The … Continue reading

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“The Reveal” Vs “The Trying Out”

When I was young, I would get presents. For birthdays and suchlike. In most instances there are two distinct phases of the present. The first is “the reveal”. The present is a surprise. You don’t know what it’s going to … Continue reading

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Not Nemo No More

It was one of the key things you had to know about Weeds when it first started. The kid who plays the kid… the younger kid… he’s Nemo. I’ve seen Finding Nemo, probably a dozen times. And I’ve seen every … Continue reading

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Dream Texting

Do you ever have that thing where something you are doing with considerable regularity seeps into your subconscious? During my A-levels I would play a game of chess every night in bed on a pocket chess computer. I wasn’t very … Continue reading

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Sweary Songs III

I have a couple of likely lads for you today. Softly spoken poet-types who probably wouldn’t slip a swear into their every day speech but prefer to save all the blue pencil moments for their song lyrics.

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Mere Xenophobia Or Hate Speech?

I had a letter printed in The Independent last week. Woo hoo. I’ve always wanted to get into the newspapers. Actually, I’m being disingenuous. I’ve had plenty of stuff printed in newspapers, but that’s a whole other blog post. The … Continue reading

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I Am Not A Jobnik

Covert Affairs is my new favourite show. It’s got Piper Perabo in it. Piper. Perabo. How great is that? They should make a show called Piper Perabo, starring Piper Perabo, the human tongue twister. Just before you read any further, … Continue reading

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Crossing Off The Rubicon

Rubicon – It’s a new TV show that just started on AMC. AMC is the channel that launched Mad Men. AMC is edgy. Rubicon is about a secret government analyst type guy called Will Travers. Will Travers is a great … Continue reading

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