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The Dowager Duchess

I’ve just read this fascinating interview with the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire in The Guardian. The Duchess is the last of the Mitford sisters–a set with which I was only peripherally familiar.  Still a life on the interwebs means I’m … Continue reading

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It’s Only A Cat

I’m loving this story more than I should. It’s a terrible evil thing this woman has done. Clearly she is some kind of sociopath… and yet… every time I watch the video I chortle. You’ll find better versions of this … Continue reading

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“The Reveal” Vs “The Trying Out”

When I was young, I would get presents. For birthdays and suchlike. In most instances there are two distinct phases of the present. The first is “the reveal”. The present is a surprise. You don’t know what it’s going to … Continue reading

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Dream Texting

Do you ever have that thing where something you are doing with considerable regularity seeps into your subconscious? During my A-levels I would play a game of chess every night in bed on a pocket chess computer. I wasn’t very … Continue reading

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