Great Rock And Roll Pauses

I want this blog to be filled with the things that I like to start conversations about. Things that I come across and want to share. Things you might never otherwise find. I’m sure that I’ll never be the first to uncover these things, but I may be the first to bring them to your attention. I would be happy with that.

This is a slide show. A short story in PowerPoint form. It lasts around nine minutes and you need to watch it with the sound on to get the full picture. Nothing rude or scary will happen, but there are snippets of music inside.

The slide show runs automatically. Sometimes there’s not enough time to read all the text on each slide before it transitions. This doesn’t matter. Let it wash over you and in under ten minutes you will have experienced a short story. I’m not necessarily a big believer in exploring new formats for writing, but I thought this was more successful than not.

This is linked somehow to a recently published book by Jennifer Egan called A Visit from the Goon Squad. Before finding this I had not read anything by Jennifer Egan. I will try to pick up her book, next time I’m buying.

Take ten minutes to watch this and let me know what you think. Next time we meet you can start a conversation about it.

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