Revisiting The Dead

I stayed up far too late last night watching a movie with Son #1. It all started when we watched the latest trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

I could definitely write more about that later because I love everything Michael Cera is doing in this clip, but the trailer led us back to Shaun Of The Dead which Son #1 had never seen. So I cued it up and we settled in.

First up, it’s funnier than I remember. I remembered it being clever, which is good, but I didn’t remember it being so funny. Son #1 is a good audience and he ell-oh-elled his giant socks off.

The interplay between Simon Pegg’s Shaun and Nick Frost’s Ed provides great value carrying on from the best parts of Spaced (and if you haven’t seen Spaced, stop reading this and do so immediately).

There’s something about Simon Pegg. He plays lovable losers. The lovable loser has fallen out of fashion in recent years. Most actors wouldn’t thank their agents for putting them up for the part. These days the lovable loser is usually too charismatic or smart to be a true loser. George Clooney’s performances in Out of Sight and Ocean’s Eleven are just too watchable. Jack Foley and Danny Ocean are supposed to be lovable losers. You want to believe that their characters are flawed enough to get them into trouble, but you can’t. Because it’s George.

Simon Pegg and Charlie Brown, but which is which?

Simon Pegg takes the lovable loser back to his roots. Simon Pegg is Charlie Brown. His performance in Shaun Of The Dead lands just the right side of dork. There can’t be many vehicles that will exploit Pegg’s clueless charm as beautifully as Shaun Of The Dead. You might want to try Run, Fatboy, Run. It’s pretty good, but it’s no Shaun.

The verdict from Son #1 was that Shaun Of The Dead was proper good. He may finally be ready for The Godfather (Parts I and II).

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7 Responses to Revisiting The Dead

  1. Philip says:

    Re Michael Cera – are you aware of his beginnings in Arrested Development? Brilliant stuff, he’s great there and the show is imo one of the greatest comedies of the noughties

    • guiltyfeat says:

      Welcome Philip, thanks for popping in. I’ve been really enjoying your posts at Spliced so it’s nice to see you over here.

      Yes, I first became aware of Michael Cera watching Arrested Development. He stood out as the most understated child-actor I had ever seen at that point. Amazing to think he was only 14/15 when they started filming.

      Since then I have loved him in Superbad, Juno and Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist which is a delight.

      • Philip says:

        Thanks – I’m all the more flattered as your blog is very impressive in quality.
        Btw, I’m going to write another Altman-themed post in the nearest future, so, in the parlance of our times, stay tuned!

  2. Sam says:

    Has he seen Dawn of the Dead?

    Also, show him Hot Fuzz… and whatever the upcoming third installment of the “Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy” is called (when it comes out (obviously) ).

  3. Jehuda Saar says:

    Funny. I had TOTALLY forgotten about The Final Countdown. It predates my anglophile days (I am talking HEAVY subtitle reading here). Worth revisiting. Thanks for that.

  4. guiltyfeat says:


    I think over the whole semester we’ll cover Shaun of the Dead, Good Will Hunting, Die Hard, Field of Dreams/Sneakers and The Final Countdown. Then we’ll circle back to The Godfathers before graduation.

  5. Jehuda Saar says:

    Funny how your curriculum goes from “Shawn of the Dead” to “The Godfather”. There may be a few other stations in between.

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