Should We Hug Or Something?

I thought you’d never ask.

Entourage is back and two episodes in to the seventh season it’s as fun as it ever was. If you’re not watching, why not?

Entourage may have started as HBO’s counter-balance to Sex And The City, but it has grown into something so much warmer. The SatC ladies always felt like they were one relationship away from falling out forever. As much as I loved the show, I never really bought their attempts at redefining sisterhood. Ultimately, each of the leads was left alone to mismanage their relationships. Towards the end, the ladies only came together to measure their own complacency or unhappiness against that of their former friends.

The boy-men of Entourage never suffer from too much drama. Even Johnny Drama. Whatever happens, they stick together. The genuine love they have for each other is not homoerotic. That would be too easy. It’s complex. It’s real. It’s guy-love, between four guys… and Ari.

Some of the best bits of Entourage involve the cameos where celebrities pop up playing looking-glass versions of themselves. This week Bob Saget returns. The clip may not be suitable for minors. Enjoy

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