It’s Only A Cat

I’m loving this story more than I should. It’s a terrible evil thing this woman has done. Clearly she is some kind of sociopath… and yet… every time I watch the video I chortle.

You’ll find better versions of this video online where it’s been edited down. Versions where you only see the evil act itself with none of the build-up, but this is the original and it’s glorious.

There’s a full 20 seconds of banal nothingness before our protagonist enters the shot. Twenty seconds in online video time is like 45 minutes of James Cameron movie time. Imagine waiting 45 minutes for the hero to show up… or, alternatively, try to sit through Titanic again and remember why you ever thought it was good.

But, once the wait is over, the fun begins. Watch now as random cat-hater lady performs her evil disappearing trick.

To paraphrase Oscar, you have to have a heart of stone to watch that without laughing.

But then it all gets crazier. The homeowners stick the video up on YouTube. The video is seen like a vanillion times and some Facebook-no-life starts a group to identify the evil woman.

Then they find the woman and the Media reports that she has to be taken into protective custody to prevent hordes of cardy-wearing cat-fanciers from stringing her up… with bits of wool… because cats like playing with wool, right?

Now that she has been named and shamed as one of “Britain’s most hated women” (Thatcher booted from top 5 for first time in decades shocker), I’m sure the story will burn itself out. There’s nowhere else to go from most-hated.

Melvin and Verdell

I seem to remember something like this happening in the Oscar-winning movie As Good As It Gets. Jack Nicholson as Melvin chucks his neighbour’s dog, Verdell, down the garbage chute and we chortled him to a record-breaking third statue.

My rule is that if it’s funny in a movie, it should be funny in real life too.

And let’s not forget. It’s only a cat.

Here’s the trailer to the mostly forgotten movie. Jump forward to 0:42 for the canine-chute interface sequence.

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9 Responses to It’s Only A Cat

  1. She's an ex?? says:

    I wholeheartedly support her actions. If a few more of us had the guts to do what she did we might finally rid ourselves of the filthy creatures that fill so many Israeli neighbourhoods. Actually I think I might leave my wheelie bin open tonight and see if I can’t entice a few myself.

    • guiltyfeat says:

      Thanks for stopping by, She’s an ex??, and taking the time to comment. Please come back soon and give us your wheelie bin headcount. Maybe you can upload a few trophy pictures to your heavily-trafficked Facebook page.

  2. Paul Roese says:

    doesn’t seem that funny to me!?!? i figure there is enough cruelty and just plain crap to deal with in the world without adding to it. the cat was being friendly and so i didn’t get her motivation.

    • guiltyfeat says:

      I find the absurdity of the situation funny. She engages with the cat. She strokes the cat. She gives a quick glance over her shoulder and then throws the cat into the wheelie bin. It’s just too delicious.

  3. Sarah Raanan says:

    I find this all very amusing given our recent conversation about pets and your offer to put Maggie in a bag with some rocks and throw her in the sea. You fantasize, but this woman follows through.
    Ps: she is named after Margaret Thatcher. Love the woman.

    • guiltyfeat says:

      I’m not suggesting that I support her actions or approve of them on any level. I’m just saying that the video makes me laugh. Repeatedly.

      • avi says:

        Miss Bale who did the dastardly act said by way of explanation…

        “”I cannot explain why I did this, it is completely out of character and I certainly did not intend to cause any distress to Lola or her owners.

        “It was a split second of misjudgement that has got completely out of control.”

        It’s fine! She meant no distress! She didn’t think throwing the sweet pussy in the wheelie bin would upset her one little bit!

        Her” split second misjudgement “leads to Lola (that’s the cat”s name ) being stuck in the wheelie bin for 15 hours.

        Daniel is right. She is obviously used to cats. She engages cat, strokes cat, picks cat up by scruff of neck, takes a look around to make sure she is unobserved and then drops cat in bin.”

        To me that ain’t impulse. Calculated cruelty.

        What makes as Good as it Gets and the heart revival scene in there’s something about Mary so funny is that we the audience know that it’s pretend. The animal is fine.

        This was just plain evil.

  4. Jehuda Saar says:

    A gem of a movie (the Tri-Star release, not the YouTube one).

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