Scotch Terriers

Shaggy and Scrappy

Another day, another TV pilot reviewed. Terriers is one of those shows that defies programming logic. It doesn’t belong on the air and yet here it is. It doesn’t have a well-known cast. It doesn’t have a unique premise. There is nothing original about the entire enterprise.

So how does a show like this get made? Well it’s chock full of talent. Industry talent. The kind of talent that gets shows made. Shawn Ryan is the big name to notice here. Ryan created The Shield which was the first breakout hit for FX Networks. Ryan helped put FX on the map for original drama. It even won an Emmy for Best Drama Series.

These days Ryan is running a show called Lie To Me for one of the big networks, but FX still has mad love for him. They love him enough to put 13 episodes of Terriers on air.

One of the other important names is Ted Griffin. Griffin’s the writer. Ten years back he wrote Ocean’s Eleven for Soderbergh. It was a hit. Now he’s writing this.

The third piece of the no-name trinity behind Terriers is Donal Logue. He’s an actor. Logue’s been in a bunch of things that you won’t remember him from. Movies. TV. You know, things. He won an award once at Sundance for a movie that nobody saw called The Tao of Steve. His performance is supposed to be completely charming in the movie which is critic-speak for “the hero’s a fattie”.

Er... I don't think so!

The last thing I saw Logue play was a police captain in Life. I was enjoying his performance right up until the moment they put him in bed with Sarah Shahi. It was just too much of a stretch. I don’t care how much baggage her character was supposed to carry around, no one that hot falls for the fat man. Especially not the greasy unshaven fat man.

Take it from one who knows. I bagged my hottie before I piled on the pounds. No way she’d give me a second look these days even if I was her superior officer.

Back to Terriers. Logue plays this ex-cop dude who’s doing the whole unlicensed PI thing with his best friend who is both scrappy and nondescript. Logue has an ex-wife who cares and an ex-partner who cares and an ex-act replica of every other back story you’ve ever seen. Who cares? Terriers is a show that makes a virtue of not doing anything new.

So Logue and Scrappy get ahold of some kind of case and then hang on until the bitter end… like terriers… geddit? Repeat ad cancellation.

Terriers, the show, is just like its second lead – scrappy and nondescript. It may well be the most missable new show of the season.

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6 Responses to Scotch Terriers

  1. Milton Pincus says:

    I saw Tao of Steve, twice. I’ve seen worse, at least once.

  2. Jehuda Saar says:

    Yeah, you expect more from that group. IMHO it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good enough to make me want to get into it. From FX you expect some edge. No edge there.

  3. Paul Roese says:

    why the self inflicted pain? the chances of finding worthwhile much less original material on the tube are less likely than winning the lottery. i know! even a blind pig stumbles on an acorn once in awhile. still the odds are against you. this is one of the reasons i don’t have a TV. any shows of interest i watch on line, purchase from iTunes or stream from Netflix. i spent this past weekend reading , listening to tunes and watching older films. for the tunes i recommend the Tord Gustavsen Trio- the Ground, Lauren Zettler- On Your Back Porch, The Monochrome Set- Tomorrow Will Be Too Long, Ahmad Jamal- The Legendary Okeh & Epic Recordings, Hanson_ Symphony No. 4 , Bruno Walter And The NBC Symphony doing Berlioz_ Symphonie Fantastique; Ravel_ Rapsodie Espagnole, Something Wild (sdtk) (1986), Esperanza Spalding- Chamber Music Society to mention a few. as to viewing i watched several episodes of the show “The UnUsuals” which i found entertaining. i also watched some older REAL Quality films like Pinky, Murphy’s Romance, Beautiful Girls and one newer release, Monsters vs Aliens. the only TV was the netcast of Meet The Press, the Chris Matthews Show and the Podcasts of Countdown and Rachel Maddow.

    • guiltyfeat says:

      Self-inflicted pain. Yes, that sounds familiar. I’m afraid my listening tastes are not as eclectic as yours. I’m enjoying the recent Richard Ashcroft album and trying to like The xx. I thought The Unusuals got off to a great start but then it was cancelled before it could go anywhere.

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