Catalano Lives

My diary for this week in 1984 is full of school-related gubbins. On Tuesday, January 24, I mention that I spoke to Estelle on the phone and that Melanie was staying with her because they had the day off school because the teachers were on strike

cos the ILEA are being disbanded or something.

I also note that Prunella Scales had come to my school to give a talk of some kind but that I hadn’t gone to hear her. I can’t imagine what I was doing at lunchtime that would have been more interesting than seeing Sybil Fawlty, but who among us can fathom the mind of a 14 year old?


On Wednesday, January 25, I noted that I was:

… beginning to become aware of the adjectives and adverbs that I’m using…

Jolly good.

On Thursday January 26, I wrote about trying to call DG to wish her Happy Birthday, but she was out all night at Reubens celebrating, presumably, with her family. She eventually called me back at 10 pm, but that was considered scandalously late for a phone call in 1984.

Oddly, each of these three days’ entries ends with a similar sentiment.

Tuesday –

I must write to Andy Melnick

Wednesday –

I must write to Andrea Melnick

Thursday –

I must write to Andrea soon

That’s what people in showbusiness call foreshadowing.

Consumption Catch-Up


Finished Monuments Men over shabbat. Great story, not terribly well written, or even ghostwritten. I have no doubt that George Clooney will romp it up a bit, but I loved the idea that going to war is meaningless if you don’t fight to preserve culture and the essence of what it means to be civilized.

I started reading The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness, which is the first part of the Chaos Walking trilogy. I love a good trilogy and I’m already on page 162. I’ll take it with me on the plane tomorrow and finish it in London.


I’ve watched a couple of movies since my last post.

Escape Plan starred Sly and Ah-nold. I stayed up very late watching it on Thursday night. It was rubbish. I happen to like Stallone. He earned a lot of goodwill from the first Rocky movie nearly 40 years ago. He earned a bit more from Copland. He may finally have worn it all out.

Last night we watched Dallas Buyers Club with Matthew Mahogany. It’s a wonderful film. It’s quite old-fashioned and not just because it takes place in the 80s. Matthew is outstanding in it and he deserves all the awards he’s received. Jared Leto gets a more actor-y role, but he pulls it off and it’s the kind of thing that wins awards and frankly I’ve never been convinced by the whole rockstar thing. Hashtag Jordan Catalano lives.

Jennifer Garner is also in the movie and I love Jennifer Garner. I think I’ve always loved Jennifer Garner. At least since I first saw her on Alias, but maybe even before that. She’s wonderful also in the movie although it’s usually hard for me to focus on anything but her dimples.


I guess, I’ve watched a fair few episodes since last blog. We’re up to date on Major Crimes and I’m going through episodes of Pawn Stars at an alarming rate. I watched the pilot of a show called Rake which was billed as a legal version of House. I loved House. Rake is a remake of an Australian show. It stars Greg Kinnear who I am predisposed to like because we share a birthday. It was not a legal version of House. Kinnear’s character is not a genius who is also a dick. He’s just a bit of a dick… with a gambling problem. It wasn’t clever. Nothing got solved. I won’t be watching it again.

Today’s Stats

  • Amount of money in British currency found among all our loose coins – £10.71
  • No. of impromptu 40th birthday party karaoke evenings attended – 1
  • No. of trailers for Kevin Costner movies watched – 1, Draft Day – it’s got Jennifer Garner in it too. I love it already.
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