Is This Your Teacher?

Victoria Coren - Better looking than William G. Stewart

I love quiz shows. I watch University Challenge every week and I really like Only Connect too. I used to really like Fifteen-to-One when it was on as well.

The common thread is that I like quiz shows with real questions. I like it when the questions are hard. I like feeling good when I can answer them. I don’t like feeling tricked when I can’t.

My mum also likes quiz shows. She’s much better than I am at answering the questions. She won some money on The Pyramid Game once. I lost on Jeopardy.

My mum told me I should watch Pointless. It’s an interesting format. You have to answer the question correctly, but with the least likely answer. The aim is to get no points at all for finding a correct answer that no one else would ever have known. If you get the answer wrong, you get the maximum of 100 points… which is bad. It’s like Reverse Family Fortunes/Feud.

OK that’s all the background you need to enjoy this clip. Watch and cringe as a man who identifies himself as a Maths teacher answers a question on US Geography which he admits is his weakest subject.

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3 Responses to Is This Your Teacher?

  1. Paul Roese says:

    he could be but again more of an indictment of the education system than the individual? i like to be charitable and assume he had a brain fart.

  2. Paul Roese says:

    the sad thing is lots of folks likely thought he was right. education in our culture at the moment is a small sad thing. i bet most people wouldn’t have the foggiest idea what thermodynamics is or eugenics or epistemology. most likely think pedagogy has to do with one’s nasty bits. to be fair it might be easy to give an answer in a quite setting as opposed to when one is on stage under the lights and the unblinking eye of the camera is sending your image out to any number of people. the guy may have just choked.

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