Not Nemo No More

It was one of the key things you had to know about Weeds when it first started. The kid who plays the kid… the younger kid… he’s Nemo.

No longer NemoI’ve seen Finding Nemo, probably a dozen times. And I’ve seen every episode of Weeds up to and including the first episode of the sixth season which started this week on Showtime. I can promise you one thing. Young Alexander Gould who plays Shane Botwin is not Nemo, no more.

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Dream Texting

Do you ever have that thing where something you are doing with considerable regularity seeps into your subconscious?

During my A-levels I would play a game of chess every night in bed on a pocket chess computer. I wasn’t very good. I didn’t get any better, but I did get a little obsessed. For a while I would see the knight’s move replicated in real life – one up, two to the left – two down, one to the right. The pattern would show up in floor tiles and… well mainly just floor tiles.

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Sweary Songs III

I have a couple of likely lads for you today. Softly spoken poet-types who probably wouldn’t slip a swear into their every day speech but prefer to save all the blue pencil moments for their song lyrics.

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Mere Xenophobia Or Hate Speech?

I had a letter printed in The Independent last week. Woo hoo. I’ve always wanted to get into the newspapers.

Actually, I’m being disingenuous. I’ve had plenty of stuff printed in newspapers, but that’s a whole other blog post.

The reason I wrote a letter to the newspaper (this time) was in response to an article by Christina Patterson called “The Limits of Multi-Culturalism“. Click the link. Have a read and then come back here.

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I Am Not A Jobnik

Covert Affairs is my new favourite show.

It’s got Piper Perabo in it. Piper. Perabo. How great is that? They should make a show called Piper Perabo, starring Piper Perabo, the human tongue twister. Just before you read any further, stop and say the name Piper Perabo six times quickly. My head’s still spinning.

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Crossing Off The Rubicon

Rubicon – It’s a new TV show that just started on AMC. AMC is the channel that launched Mad Men. AMC is edgy.

Rubicon is about a secret government analyst type guy called Will Travers. Will Travers is a great name for a secret government analyst on a TV show. Will Travers is edgy. Will Travers is on the edge. We know he’s on the edge because he sometimes goes up onto the roof and stands on the edge. On the edge of the ledge.

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Double Bills And Inception

I was just listening to the Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode movie podcast from last Friday. It’s usually entertaining and Dr. Kermode went to my old school (along with Jason Isaacs). Only it wasn’t Simon Mayo and Mark Kermode. It was their Summer stand-ins. I don’t mind Boyd and Floyd so much, but I find Colin Paterson a bit grating.

So they were talking about movie double bills and people wrote in with their memorable double bills including one unusual pairing of The Elephant Man and Dumbo that was put together for a festival or something.

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Sweary Songs II

Just before the weekend I thought I would show my commitment to songs with swears by putting together another installment of Sweary Songs.

Today’s Sweary Marys are a couple of young women who clearly have issues with their parents.

Sweary Song No. 3

“A Better Son/Daughter” by Rilo Kiley

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Sweary Songs I

Every collector is able to identify sub-categories within his collection. I collect songs (among other things) and one of the sub-categories of songs I collect is Sweary Songs.

Sweary Song: a song that has swearing in it. The swearing can be a key feature or incidental part of the song. The song must be sung. Rap songs, which often feature lots of swearing, don’t count. Cover versions of rap songs where the original sweary lyrics are delivered melodically do count and make up a sub-sub-category which this column may explore from time to time.

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Me An’ McEwan

First up, here’s something to listen to while you’re reading this. Just hit play and then you can continue scrolling.

If you had told me in my 20s that I would be buying Ian McEwan’s new releases in hardback to read them as soon as they were available, I might have snorted with derision (is there any other way to snort?). You see I had a bad experience with Ian McEwan in my late teens and for many years I thought I would never recover.

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